Trust IS™

Trust IS™ has a number of features that may not be found in trust accounting systems offered by vendors who cater exclusively to conventional trust operations. TSCI, Inc. specializes in customized trust industry applications and provides considerable integration and functionality for trust related recordkeeping services such as employee benefit trust (EBT) accounting, individual retirement accounts (IRA), and court accounting for estates and quardianships.

Overall Features:

All investment related transactions can be accessed with either CUSIP Number or Ticker Symbol.

Supports a wide variety of cash sweep and sub-accounting methods including separate principal and income sweep funds, threshold sweeps, and special overdraft rules.

Ability to segregate reports by trustee tax ID number, department and trust account number. Provides the capability of running multiple banks and/or departments within the same numbering scheme.

Trust IS™ supports "life style" or strategy trading portfolios so that new money can be invested according to a pre-determined plan.

History is maintained on-line forever if you want it. This makes it possible to reconstruct any prior period report. History can be purged selectively by account.

Trust fee capability includes base, breakpoint, per transaction, per asset type, minimum and income percentages.

Automated pricing and dividend mapping are included. TSC has a business partnership with Interactive Data Corporation (IDC) which allows our customers to receive volume discounts on security pricing.

Creditor and Beneficiary payments are fully automated including the ability to pay creditors on a group check basis. This is very handy for users that specialize in massive bill payments for clients that may use the same facilities such as nursing homes or prescription drug plans.

Extensive memo, tickler and "post it note" capability exists for an individual account and all of its relationships.

Trust IS™ supports monetary fields with up to 13 numeric positions and share values to 9 decimal places. This capacity is important for users who need international currency conversion capabilities.

There are 999 transaction codes available for classifying transaction types. Up to 40 free form description lines are available for every transaction. Customer statements, investment reviews and other reports allow for "table driven" mapping of these codes by the user.

Trust IS™ supports 1099-B, 1099-D and 1099-I IRS forms and provides worksheets for K-1 and 1041. Trust transactions allow for the entry of a tax code number which can be mapped to many of the popular tax preparation software packages.

Employee Benefit Features:

The EBT customer statement format supports most schedules required by the IRS for audited retirement plans and for preparation of IRS form 5500.

Participant level recordkeeping services are not required for the administration of EBT trusts by your department. You may provide trust services for these plans and outsource the plan administration.

Individual Retirement Accounts:

IRA accounting does not require separation of principal and income. Special reports and customer statements are available for users that administer self-directed IRA accounts.

IRS 1099-R and 5498 reporting as well as electronic magnetic media capability comes with the software.

Maximum age and minimum distribution accounting are also part of the overall package.

Court Accounting:

Special reports using the Uniform Fiduciary Accounting Principals are available for trusts, estates and quardianships that require formal accountings. Several other formats are available for states that have not adopted the Uniform Standards.

Schedules for IRS form 706 and state inheritance tax returns are available.